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Site Steward Code of Conduct and Ethics
The objective of Site Steward volunteers is to prevent the destruction of archaeological and historic sites.  As such, all Site Stewards are guided by a preservation code of conduct and ethics.  Monitoring and surface investigation shall be the only methods utilized by Site Stewards.
Each volunteer shall perform their duties as a Site Steward in accordance the procedures outlined during each program’s training sessions.  These guidelines shall also be made available to a Site Steward prior to visiting assigned sites.
Record Keeping:
Site Stewards shall keep accurate records of their site visits, volunteer hours and report such information to the appropriate program on a timely basis.
Compliance with Preservation Laws:
Site Stewards shall comply with all Federal, State and local antiquity laws and regulations and by procedures established by their respective agencies.
Respect for the Public:
Stewards are the representatives of the State and Federal agencies which administer the sites they monitor and shall be courteous on public lands and respect private property.
Confidentiality of Information:
All archaeological and historic information, including site location, site descriptions, vandalism reports, maps and photographs are the property of the program and agency administering the site.  Site Stewards shall hold this information in strict confidence.  Information about suspected violators of local, State or Federal laws shall be shared only to the appropriate law enforcement officer and to the land manager with the authority responsible for administering the lands involved.  The land manager receiving the report bears the responsibility of notifying any additional law enforcement agency.
Site Stewards shall not collect any artifacts on archaeological and historic sites.  If human skeletal remains are found at a site, the local land manager is to be notified immediately.  Site Stewards shall not engage in or encourage the sale or trade of artifacts.
Handling Publicity:
No news releases, interviews or other publicity concerning the location or condition of sites shall be made without the consent of the involved land managers and authorization by the appropriate program.  
Conflicts of Interest:
Site Stewards shall not engage in activities or accept positions that represent conflicts of interest with the goals of Site Steward’s.
Transfer of Stewardship:
Upon termination of site stewardship, each Site Steward shall transfer to the appropriate program all records, photographs and other documents pertaining to their Site Steward monitoring and investigation of archaeological and historic sites.  The Site Steward agrees to cooperate to the fullest extent possible with their successor.
Firearms Policy:
It is not the purpose of Site Stewards to conduct law enforcement activities.  The possession of firearms by Site Stewards during the monitoring and investigation of archaeological and historic sites is strictly prohibited.  





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